Geosynthetic Solutions

Geosynthetic solutions generally include polymeric products used to solve civil engineering problems. These materials are engineered with advanced application knowledge to meet project specifications for transportation construction, mechanically stabilized earth, erosion control, containment, water and waste management, and shoreline protection/marine structure construction.


Roadway Reinforcement

Products used include high-strength fabrics, Geogrid reinforcements and more.


Drainage, Filtration and Erosion Control

Tencate N-Series and FW-Series products included.

Geocomposite Drains

American Wick Drain's SITEDRAIN products offer a clean, modern system and innovative product line that combines geotextiles with specially designed drainage cores that collect and redirect water away from structures or sites.

Geosynthetic Solutions for Containment

Containment solutions include AquaBlok, EPI Liners and Cetco.


Landscape Fabric

ASP Enterprises offers a selection of fabrics to create a stable base for any landscaping project.

Contact your local representative to determine which product is correct for your application.