Sediment Control

Once soil is in fluid motion, it is much more difficult to collect. We have a wide range of tools to capture sediment and keep our creeks, streams and rivers clean. They fall into the basic categories:

Straw Wattles

Shoreguard & Straw WattlesWattles are a necessity for any area where vegetation is disturbed or cleared due to the increased risk of sediment runoff. These wattles are commonly used as inlet and perimeter protection, as well as maintaining project site BMPs. Wattles can be cut and joined together to suit the needs of any project and are simply staked in to the ground during use. They are ideal for filtration and use natural and biodegradable materials to prevent negative impacts on local wildlife, thus removing the need for cleanup.

Reusable Wattles

Gator Guard wattles are a 98% effective alternative to traditional straw wattles to add to your SWPPP. While Gator Guard wattles are not biodegradable, they can be reused and have a life expectancy of up to five years. These wattles, made from recycled materials, contain a foam insert wrapped in a hydrocarbon-based material and will compact 90% in the garbage dump. Promising cleaner streams, Gator Guard wattles are animal-friendly and inconspicuous.

Perimeter Protection

SC-003All protection measures designed to create a barrier to collect storm water fall into this category. Silt Fence and Straw Wattles are the most common solutions but there are others. Contact your local representative to consider alternatives for perimeter protection.

Silt Fence Plows are a great option for installing silt fence. Burchland offers an excellent silt fence plow with several options to choose from. Plows offer significant efficiency gains and are safer to use then traditional trenchers.

Inlet Protection

Inlets protect against storm water laden with sediment. It can be very expensive to clean out storm water systems inundated with sediment, not including EPA fines for incorrect BMP usage.

Curb Inlets

Big Red- is a REUSABLE inlet protector that keeps out sediment throughout the entire construction project. There are no pockets to fill, no velcro bags, no assembly etc. Simply place the Big Red in the inlet, making sure it lays in the contours. The high-flow fabric allows for steady water flow, all while filtering out sediments. Filled with Recycled shredded rubber tires, it also boasts helping the environment by keeping tires out of the landfill.

Grated Inlets Above Grade:

The Dandy Bag withstands any and all big hits. Use the Dandy Bag with flat grates (including round) and mountable curbs to filter out all the sludgy sediment-laden storm water. The Dandy Bag allows suspended solids to settle out of the slowed flow, capturing them before entering the inlet, ensuring you regulatory compliance performance.

Grated Inlets Below Grade

Dandy Sack- The incredibly strong open-top bag is specially designed to hang underneath a storm grate to expertly filter the thickest sediment-laden storm water. The suspended solids are allowed to settle out of the slowed flow and are conveniently captured by the Dandy Sack prior to entering the inlet, making the sturdy Dandy Sack a storm water must.

FlexStorm Products by ADS The FLEXSTORM system is inexpensive, configurable and adjustable and offers more versatility to fit the wide array of drainage structures throughout the United States while offering various levels of filtration.

Roughco Grate System-This system installs easily into frame of catch basins. It offers a high flow Grey Filter Fabric Material that allows 192 gal/ft2/min. It is reusable and available in custom sizes depending on frame size. It also has an adjustable frame system that allows an easy fit for different size openings.

Contact your local representative to get the right solution for your inlet.

Ditch Checks

Ditch Checks not only slow the water down to reduce erosion but by slowing the water down, sediment will drop out of the storm water. We have 2 basic types of ditch checks:

Triangular Silt Dike

This barrier consists of urethane foam and geotextile fabric. Designed with protective aprons on both sides, it returns the water to a uniform flow, reducing erosive forces. Upstream, it slows down the water to allow significant settling of suspended sediments. Applications include ditch checks, diversion dikes, inlet protection ditch liners, and perimeter barrier.


Durable, low cost GeoRidge berms are designed to provide effective erosion and sediment control. Rather than totally backing up the flow, GeoRidge reduces the flow velocities and provides a smoother, less damaging release of water, all while reducing downstream sediment by dissipating the energy in the water. GeoRidge is quick and easy to install, with no machine trenching required. The one requirement is the need for an erosion control blanket underneath of it to protect the area around the Georidge where water may be moving. GeoRidge is made of either HDPE for long lasting use or of biodegradable materials so it will degrade naturally.


Flocculants can be the answer to turbid water. Here the suspended solids are so small, extended detention time is required to be able to discharge compliant water. Flocculants are the one alternative that can significantly shorten that detention time. Flocculants molecularly bind soil particles in suspension to then become heavy enough that they fall out of suspension.

New Generation Flocculants-FLOC

A new addition to the flocculant tool box for sediment control is FLOC, a crystalline based product with unique advantages:

  • Reduced Quantity of Chemicals
  • Increased Settling Rates
  • Increased Hydraulic Capacity
  • Increased Flocculent (Floc) Size
  • Improved Flocculent (Floc) Shear and Mixing
  • Heavy Metals Removal and Recovery
  • Sludge Leachability Tests
  • Enhanced BOD/TSS Removal
  • Reduced Impact on TDS/EC
  • Meets US EPA TCLP (toxicity testing)
  • Works Over Broader pH Ranges (4 to 12)
  • Reduced Costs

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Biostar Ch is a universal flocculant that works on most soils. While it is important to verify its efficacy on your particular site, typically chiotsan based flocculants are effective on most soils. Contact your local representative to assist you in determining if Biostar will work for you and your site. ASP and Quick Supply representatives will formulate a flocculation plan to take into account all the issues you are facing on your site.


Applied Polymer Systems offers a series of polyacrylamides engineered to either treat specific soils as flocculants or assist with erosion control. After a thorough site evaluation, soil testing and a comprehensive planning session, ASP and Quick Supply can assist you with your project. Call your local representative to get more information and begin this process.



The Faircloth Skimmer improves sediment trapping efficiency by regulating the filling and draining of a sediment basin- better than conventional methods using perforated risers or stone. It works best on small basins sized for the entire catchment because of the difficulty and expense of construction and maintenance, particularly sediment removal in large basins requiring equipment that can reach into a wide basin.

The skimmer orifice has a constant head that cause the basin to fill, creating conditions for gravity settling, and then drain slowly at a constant rate from near the surface.

The Skimmer manual is a necessity for designing a successful basin.
Download a copy of the manual.

Several Sizes are available. View the sizing chart.


Turbidity Reduction Sediment Basin(TSRB)

We have spent a great deal of time and energy coming up with a very successful solution to discharging compliant storm water from construction sites. The TRSB is a combination of utilizing flocculants, ditch checks, and a skimmer. Contact your local representative for more information or click here to download our brochure


Dewatering Bags

Dewatering now requires compliance of the Clean Water Act. Dewatering bags capture soil particles and maintain an advanced high flow rate. Roughco’s Pump-It Tube is a very high flow dewatering bag that is strong and versatile. Click Here for more product information.