Storm Water Management Solutions

Storm water management is the method for controlling storm water runoff for the purposes of reducing downstream erosion, improving water quality, and mitigating the adverse effects of changes in land use on the aquatic environment.

There are a variety of Low Impact Development techniques that can significantly satisfy water management needs and requirements. Also in this category are all of our drainage products, inlets, pipe, drains and more.

Permeable Paver Systems


PaveDrain University of Louisville Maintenance Study

NOW APPROVED by Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District - MSD Approval Letter

The PaveDrain® System combines modern day functionality and a structural concept
used for centuries to create the revolutionary permeable paving solution. PaveDrain incorporates a patented arch design in the middle of an articulating concrete block to create an internal storage chamber that can be filled with storm water runoff while simultaneously providing strength for heavy vehicular loads. The PaveDrain System is designed to be a critical component of Low Impact Development (LID) allowing for the infiltration of storm water runoff…onsite.

The PaveDrain System is a Permeable Articulating Concrete Block/Mat (P-ACB/M) that provides environmental benefits as a designated solution for compliance with local regulatory storm water requirements. The durability and performance, in terms of life-cycle costs, make it the prudent alternative to all other paving surfaces. PaveDrain and its aggregate bedding stone is engineered to create a natural, vertical infiltration path, that recharges local ground water all while using nature’s inherent ability to filter first flush pollutants.

PaveDrain Brochure 2016  PaveDrain FAQ

Presto Geosystems Porous Paving SystemsGeoblock PPS

Control and manage storm water runoff from impervious surfaces. Design aesthetically-pleasing pavements appropriate for loading requirements. Presto Geosystems' line of cost-effective and quality porous pavers offer options for a wide range of pedestrian and vehicular loading requirements. The various designs of these paving options can suit any aesthetic, landscape plan and budget.

Uniquely different, the Presto Geoblock®, GeoPave®, and Geoweb® systems are all quality solutions that provide structural support for traffic loads and storm water benefits. From cool grass surfaces to economical

Comprehensive design and construction information for porous pavement solutions:

GEOBLOCK® Grass Pavements Special Section

GEOPAVE® Stabilized Aggregate Pavements Special Section

GEOWEB® Stabilized Aggregate Pavements Special Section

See more information on Porous Pavement Options

R-Tank Stormwater Management System

R-Tanks are designed for underground storage of stormwater and provide a space-saving and more effective alternative to other underground storage systems. After a rain event fills the R-Tank, stormwater can flow into a drainage system, infiltrate into the ground or be reused. R-Tanks offer 95% void internal area to increase their overall capacity. The modular design of this system allows R-Tanks to be configured in any shape to further reduce the footprint of the project.

Applications for R-Tanks include stormwater retention and recycling, pond retrofits, dry wells and bioretention. R-Tanks are easily transported, quickly installed and strong enough to withstand traffic. These traits allow R-Tanks to be placed beneath a variety of surfaces including parking lots, streets and access roads, driveways, landscaping, athletic fields and channels.

Water Quality BMPs

Suntree Technologies

From inlet skimmers and filters to full flow Nutrient Separating Baffle boxes, Suntree offers a comprehensive line of treatment systems.

Grate inlet skimmerInlet Skimmers- The Grate Inlet Skimmer BoxTM is manufactured from marine grade fiberglass and stainless steel and is built to last! All incoming storm water passes through a skimmer tray and comes into contact with a hydrocarbon absorption boom. Storm water and solids find their way into the lower section of the skimmer box where filters of small, sieve-size capture all the solids and allow the storm water to pass into the catch basin. The filter drains dry after each storm event.

In-line treatment SystemsIn-line treatment Systems-Nutrient Separating Baffle Box- Designed to treat the entire storm water flow, the Nutrient Separating Baffle BoxTM meets or exceeds NPDES requirements for capturing a wide variety of pollutants including TSS, sediment, debris, organic material, hydrocarbons, and trash. Because water flow is not ducted off line for treatment, head loss is minimal and comparable to a large square catchbasin. Existing storm water systems can be easily retrofitted with a Nutrient Separating Baffle BoxTM, without compromising the original design specifications of the current storm water system. The box can be made of either concrete or fiberglass in any size.

FocalPoint: The Next Generation Low Impact Development

FocalPoint Biofiltration System

FocalPoint is a scalable biofiltration system which combines the efficiency of high flow rateFocalPoint HPMBS Brochure_Current_ASP_Page_1 engineered soils with the durability and modularity of a highly pervious flat pipe underdrain/storage/infiltration system. While originally developed as proprietary technology, these systems are also available in a tightly specified generic format.

FocalPoint’s next generation biofiltration media, developed by Larry Coffman, the creator of Low Impact Development, is the key to its high performance. This advanced media technology provides high flow rates, best available pollutant removal rates, and the option of increased removal characteristics for specific pollutant targets. Media flow rate impacts system performance in all aspects, from scale and cost-effectiveness, to factors of safety, longevity and maintenance minimization. Infiltration flow rates for FocalPoint standard media exceed 100” per hour.

RainGuardian Turret-Pre-Treatment for Bioretention

Rainguardian Turret

  • Maximize Capacity and Extend Effective Life
    •         ο  Grate/filter/chamber combination captures sediment and debris
    •         ο  Overflow points prevent inlet debris from causing bypass before bioretention reaches capacity
  • Simplify Maintenance
    •         ο  Sediment and debris removed from chamber with shovel
    •         ο  Drop-in filter cleaned with broom or hose
  • Easy Installation
    •         ο  Placement and securing take only minutes
    •         ο  New construction or retrofits

Rain Guardian Brochure


TrashGuard is a patented storm water pretreatment device that captures debris, sediment and floatables. TrashGuard is easy to install and maintain and costs a fraction of other pretreatment devices currently available. TrashGuard has extensive testing and an available calculator to assist design professionals in selecting the correct screen size for their particular project. Click Here for more information

Water Quantity BMPs

Drainage Pipe

Drainage Inlets

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