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Rocky Mountain Bio Products Biosol

Biosol is a multi-nutrient fertilizer produced from fermented plant material, vitamins, proteins and enzymes. Through the fermentation process, these materials become organically bound, creating a stable nutrient source to promote long-term soil health and plant growth. Biosol's long-lasting formula releases just 50% of nitrogen over the course of 130 days. While most organics will require reapplication after 6-8 weeks, Biosol will match the growth cycle of the plants, lasting 25 weeks or longer.

Most organics contain animal waste or chemicals, such as poultry waste or feather meal. Biosol is derived from 100% plant product and is EPA approved to use in water-sensitive areas where fish and other wildlife are present.

Learn more about the difference Biosol makes from our Biosol handout.


AquaBlok® is a patented composite aggregate sealant resembling small stones that is comprised of a limestone aggregate core wrapped with powdered sodium bentonite clay. Due to its reliably low permeability, structural stability, and ability to self-compact, AquaBlok can be used in a wide range of circumstances — specifically as a means to “blok” the movement of water.

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Foresight Products Earth Anchor System

ShoreGuard Vinyl Sheet Piling

Sheet piling plays a crucial role in heavy construction the world over. Having the ability to incrementally build walls through the use of interlocking panels allows for precise construction of walls of nearly any length or size. As the inventors of synthetic sheet piling 25 years ago, CMI continues its legacy as the leading researcher and developer of high performance, long lasting, environmentally friendly, and cost saving marine construction solutions.

Biobarrier Root Control System

Biobarrier offers guaranteed protection against root damage to landscapes and hardscapes.

Learn more at http://www.biobarrier.com/

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