Natural Stone


Create a stunningly natural foundation for your backyard oasis with our wide selection of flagstone-natural-stoneflagstone material.

The rustic shape and size of each piece give an organic feel to each unique instalation. Colors are available in Eden, Chilton or Mountain Crest. Flagstones are graded by thickness: 1‐1.5”, 2’, 2.5”. +/‐.

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Wall Stone

Our natural cut wall products are selected and graded to the highest wallstone natural stonetolerances in the industry. This attention to detail allows for quicker installation, saving you time and money. The final results are tighter joints and cleaner lines throughout the project. Our traditional cut drywall is cut eight inches deep for superior performance and durability, and graded by one inch height increments. Optional depths are also available.

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This wonderfully versatile product fives character to any project. We offer a variety of sizing options graded by the weight of each piece. Available sizes: 1‐2 man, 2‐3 man, bobcat and special sizing. Our quarries outcropping-natural-stonehave
been known to produce special pieces up to 15’ in length. Heights are caterfoixed in 4” increments: 6‐10”, 8‐12” and 12‐16”.

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There are a wide range of Step options:

  • Lily Pad Steps
  • Eden Custom Steps
  • Snapped Steps
  • Outcropping for steps

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Detail your design by adding lawn edging. This element visually separates specific areas as it retains your decorative aggregate from your lawn or walkway.

Available in Eden and Chilton. Lawn edging can be tumbled for a softer, antiqued effect.

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Boulders owe their rare weathering and stratification to mother nature. Each boulder is unique and available in various sizes and colors. They can be used creatively from stand‐alone elements to benches, table bases and even water features.

A few of our boulder options include:

  • Chilton Character Boulders
  • Weather Sandstone
  • Iowa Field Boulders
  • Holey Boulders
  • Drilled Boulders

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Please note, not all natural stone products are available at all ASP or Quick Supply locations. Contact your local representative to determine which products are available.