Natural Stone Boulders

boulders01Please note, not all boulders are available at all ASP or Quick Supply locations.  Contact your local representative to determine which products are available.

Boulders owe their rare weathering and stratification to mother nature. Each one is unique and available in various sizes and colors. They can be used creatively from stand-alone elements to benches, table bases and even water features. A few of our options include:

 Chilton Character

Soft golden and earth tones help these Chilton Character Boulders enhance any surrounding. These unique, stratified rocks are often stand-alone elements in a landscape design. A popular trend has been to use these chunky, odd sized stones as the footing for custom benches.


Weather Sandstone

Weathered Sandstone Boulders are mossy, light gray to brown with lichens. Very weathered and natural looking. Palletized in small, medium or large. Pallet weight 3200-4000 lbs.



Holey Boulders remain one of Eden Stone’s most popular landscape products. Getting their name from their “Holey” or Swiss Cheese appearance, these natural limestone layers are rich with character. Holey Boulders are formations of chunky, odd shaped stone in various sizes. These unique products are great accents for gardens and water features.


Drilled can become a water feature and the drilled holes give the product a new look, while giving you water sights and sounds that soothe and calm.