Pavestone Pavers

Please note, not all Pavestone Pavers are available at all ASP or Quick Supply locations.  Contact your local representative to determine which products are available.

Caprianapavestone pavers

From expansive courtyards to intimate patios, Capriana™ by Pavestone provides grand scale and elegance to hardscape designs. A trio of large-format pavers with a nature-inspired surface texture and
proprietary joint profile combine for a modern interpretation of an Italian piazza.

Capriana™ comes from a “no slump” concrete mix. Because of the extreme pressure and high frequency vibrations associated with production, Capriana™ has an average compressive strength of 8000psi and average absorption of 5% or less. Therefore, Capriana™ will meet or exceed ASTM C-936 (excluding the dimensional limitations of Paragraph 5.1).


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Panoramapavestone pavers

Panorama Demi & Supra offers the same look as natural stone while also providing the ease of installation of interlocking pavers. Let this six-piece Panorama Series bring your next hardscape design to life with sophistication and richness.
Panorama Demi & Supra can also be installed as stand-alone three-piece paving systems.
Since Panorama Demi and Supra comes from "zero slump" concrete under high frequency vibration; Panorama has an average compressive strength of 8000psi and an average absorption of 5% or less. Therefore, Panorama Demi & Supra will meet or exceed ASTM C 936,
excepting the Supra units that have a face area > 101 sq. in.


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The Venetian Stone product advent is the latest development in enhanced pavements.
Its uniquely attractive cleft surface sets it apart from other pavement treatments. This
texture resembles old world charm and invokes a traditional convention. The Venetian Stone larger scales lends itself to stately residential settings and more expansive commercial applications. Its modular pattern equalizes the scale of any project and is fitting to most any architectural elements.

COMPOSITION AND MANUFACTURE: Venetian Stone comes from a “no slump” concrete mix. Due to the extreme pressure and high frequency vibrations in production, Venetian Stone has a compressive strength greater than 8000psi, a water absorption maximum of 5%. Therefore, Venetian will meet or exceed ASTM C- 936.


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