Romanstone Pavers

Romanstone paversPlease note, not all Romanstone pavers are available at all ASP locations. Contact your local representative to determine which products are available.

Romanstone® pavers are three times stronger than concrete and won't crack.

Many outdoor enthusiasts extend their paver design to the driveway, where you never have to worry about repairs and unsightly settling.

Your Romanstone investment is obvious in a welcoming and warm design with curb appeal, but also, over time, there is reduced maintenance and cost.

Romanstone makes outdoor living not only elegant, but also smart. No matter which type of concrete paver you choose, you've immediately upgraded the curb appeal of your home and added a new "room" to enjoy with your family and friends.



Canyon Stone

The unique shape of the Canyon™ Stone patio system fit together alone or in any combination. This is made possible through the utilization of patented XeriStone® technology. Ideal for walkways, patios or just as stepping stones this product is available in a 12" and 18" shape. Canyon Stone replicates the lines and textures of cut stone but with greater strength, a uniform thickness, a flat bottom surface, and
even joints.Romanstone-04


This flexible paver shape incorporates rounded corners and subtly indented chamfers.That characteristic gives the user the option of using Cobble in both contemporary and traditional designs. By using a combination of the two sizes, a variety of patterns are possible..



This multi‐sized paver incorporates rounded corners and chamfers, giving a unique, naturally aged and timeless look. The three different sizes allow for random laying patterns for a distinctive and antiqued look.





Romanstone-08Holland Stone

Holland Stone has the renowned durability of interlocking paving stones, yet offers the old world charm of a simple brick shape in paving. This simple rectangular stone can be applied in a number of fascinating patterns (like the popular herringbone pattern) to produce warm, luxurious textures. Combining colors within patterns will create infinite possibilities for architectural design.


Plaza Stone

The customizing possibilities of Plaza Stone™ render it one of the most desirable paving products available. Its collection of various sizes makes possible an extensive array of pattern configurations. Premium aggregates are carefully chosen creating beautifully textured pavers with distinctively vivid colorings.



Romanstone-12Ledge Rock

Ledge Rock™ adds a subtle surface texture to traditional cobble paving stones. Tumbling the stone accentuates the natural stone texture. The result is the most natural looking shape offered in the Romanstone™ product line. This product is available in four interchangeable sizes: 6x9, 6x12, 12x12 and 6x6. By combining the various sizes, a number of different laying patterns are possible.