Pavestone Broadstone


The Pavestone BroadStone™ system is a modular concrete retaining wall system that is used to stabilize and retain earth embankments, large or small. There are many applications for BroadStone™ retaining walls. Most examples can be divided into two configurations: landscape applications and/or structural applications. In landscape applications, the primary purpose of retaining walls is aesthetic in nature. Some examples of Pavestone BroadStone™ landscape uses are: raised patios for outdoor kitchens and living spaces, slope management, erosion control, run-off water management, planters, garden areas, and terraced or privacy walls. Most landscape applications call for walls under 3 ft. in height (depending on soil conditions and loading, this maximum height may be reduced) with minimal loads being applied to the wall, therefore most landscape walls do not require geogrid.

Commercial, Residential, Single Stone Shoot

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