Case Studies

Greenwood Hills Geoweb_Page_1In our case studies we highlight different products and how they have been used to help our clients solve their problems. We also highlight some of the more innovative products and show the features and benefits associated with their use.

Erosion Control Case Studies


Drainage Swales Case Studies

Channels and Streambank Stabilization Case Studies

Lake Edge Treatment Case Studies

Composite Solutions Case Studies

Sediment Control


Soil Reinforcement Case Studies

Mechanically Stabilized Earth/Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Case Studies

Stormwater Management/LID

Permeable Pavement Solutions Case Studies

Stormwater Management Solutions Case Studies


Natural Stone Project Case Studies

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Case studies are available in PDF Format (Portable Document Format). To download, view, and print files, you must first install the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader, for FREE at Adobe Systems Web site.