March 24, 2020

ASP Enterprises, Bowman Construction Supply and Quick Supply to start new webinar series.

Unfortunately, we were forced to cancel our informative Clean and Green Sustainability Conference and Expo in Des Moines and St. Louis next week. In its place, we are offering several 1-hour webinars to provide technical information to those attendees and are inviting our entire region to learn and earn pdh-profession development hours in this challenging time. Our technical webinar series will be at 12:30 pm central time and currently include the following dates and solutions:
March 25th-12:30pmPerpetual Pavement Solutions-Utilizing innovative fabrics for subgrade stabilization and also using Aramid fibers to reduce cracking and rutting of asphalt
April 8th-12:30pmLow Impact Development- Topics include LID design, permeable pavements, bio-retention, and fundamentals of Green Infrastructure
April 22nd-12:30pmPresto GeoSystems-Rigid plastic porous pavers provide a low cost, easy-to-install surface designed to handle the most demanding load requirements. Rigid porous pavers can have a vegetated or aggregate infill. 
May 13th-12:30pmGeotextiles 101-Geosynthetics and their functions in the construction industry
May 27th-12:30pmFlexMSE- a vegetated wall system using geosynthetic containment bags to create gravity and mechanically stabilized earth structures
June 10th-12:30pmSoft Armor Erosion Control- Innovative products to provide the same immediate site protection as traditional large rock riprap and other hard armor systems-Turf Reinforcement Mats and Instaturf.