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Case Studies

We have compiled a wide range of projects and created documents you can use to feel more comfortable with the products and the solutions

Rte 50 Osage Channel Stabilization Case Study
Stabilization and re-vegetation of a high flow channel adjacent to new highway construction in a very rocky and steep terrain. MoDOT was looking for an option that would not only work, but a solution that would increase the safety of the motorist should a vehicle leave the highway and enter the adjacent ditch.

Flexamat, a tied concrete block mat delivered in 8’ x 50’ and 10’ x 50’ rolls and installed with 1 operator in a track hoe and 1 person on the ground. The mat is placed directly onto the finish graded soil that has been broadcast with the specified seed and fertilizer. The combination of the Excelsior erosion control blanket, Geogrid and the concrete blocks provides an erosion resistant barrier and vegetates quickly.

Rte 50 Osage Channel Stabilization Case Study

Project: - Route 50 Osage County, MOLocation: - Approx. 15 miles East of Jefferson City, MissouriApplication/Solution: - Channel Stabilization / ...

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Greenwood Hills Creek Restoration
The City of Johnston had developed residential housing through a greenbelt area, and over the past 20 years , no improvements had been made to the stream or stream bank itself. Trees and vegetation had become overgrown and the badly eroded banks needed severe attention.

The Presto Geoweb cellular confinement system was selected and designed to help stabilize the steeper slopes along the creek after grubbing and clearing of the overgrown trees had been completed. The geocell product was installed with Kevlar tendons for additional load transfer and infilled with an amended soil. Flexterra HP-FGM was used to protect the infill from erosion.

Approximately 21,000 sf of stream bank was permanently stabilized with the geocell product, along with native grasses and plugs incorporated into the landscape. This will help preserve the value of the highly profiled residential homes and protect back yards throughout the neighborhood from further land loss.

Greenwood Hills Creek Restoration

Project: Greenwood Hills Creek RestorationLocation: Johnston, IowaApplication/Solution: Steep slope stabilization using GeowebMarket Sector: Erosion ControlSalesperson: Steve KrehbielOwner: City of Johnston, ...

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Ankeny Community School District is building a new high school in Ankeny, a northern suburb of Des Moines, Iowa. Stahl Construction Company has been contracted to build new 50 million dollar high school campus. The new school, named Ankeny Centennial High School, is being constructed over an existing soft subgrade. Flat
bed tractor trailers with 20 ton payloads delivering wall panels used to construct the building, along with loaded dump trucks, access the job site daily.

Due to the extremely soft subgrade, an aggregate access road was required for the heavy trucks to gain access to the site. The initial design of the access road included an extruded geogrid placed directly on the subgrade with 6” of aggregate compacted on top of the geogrid. Subgrade pumping occurred due to the heavy
truck loading. The geogrid pumped through the aggregate section and severe rutting was experienced. It was determined that separation, filtration and high tensile strength at low strain would be required. The contractor contacted the geotechnical engineer and asked for a new access road design, stating they could not have
a failure. Access to the job site was critical and could not be interrupted due to rutting.

Ankeny Community School District Subgrade Stabilization

application: Subgrade Stabilization location: Ankeny, IA product: Mirafi® RS580i job owner: Ankeny Centennial High School engineer: Terracon – Des Moines, IA contractor: Stahl Construction date of ...

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The Missouri Department of Transportation was being asked by several local and state agencies to make an effort to reduce the level of pollutants flowing into Hinkson Creek, an impaired water way as defined by the EPA and their 303D list. The drainage area upstream was approximately 1 acre and we were to treat the first 1” of rain.

Focal Point was selected as an appropriate option both for it’s cost and it’s effectiveness. A 4’x5’ configuration of Focal Point was the appropriate size. Focal Point is a high performance Bio-Filtration system that includes the first years maintenance and a 1 year warranty to treat at a rate of 100” per hour per square foot. The 20 square feet of Focal Point was installed along the road edge in a currently eroding ditch.

In a matter of 6 hours of work, the Focal Point system was installed with 3 personnel from MoDOT and 2 people from ASP Enterprises. As this was a demonstration project, it was not contracted out. When completed, there was concern for a major storm to hit that evening so the system was enclosed in fabric and all water would then bypass over the emergency drainage swale. That evening, the location received a 1” rain event in a matter of 2 hours and the Focal Point system remained unharmed. That next day, the system was opened up and commissioned for use. MoDOT was pleased with the relative ease of installation and has a future project already designed for the September letting.

Route 63 Ramp Exit Ramp Stormwater Improvements

Project: Route 63 MoDOT Exit RampLocation: Columbia, MOApplication/Solution: Water Quality Treatment using Focal PointMarket Sector: Stormwater Quality ControlSalesperson: Todd NobleOwner: ...

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