Route 63 Ramp Exit Ramp Stormwater Improvements

The Missouri Department of Transportation was being asked by several local and state agencies to make an effort to reduce the level of pollutants flowing into Hinkson Creek, an impaired water way as defined by the EPA and their 303D list. The drainage area upstream was approximately 1 acre and we were to treat the first 1” of rain.

Focal Point was selected as an appropriate option both for it’s cost and it’s effectiveness. A 4’x5’ configuration of Focal Point was the appropriate size. Focal Point is a high performance Bio-Filtration system that includes the first years maintenance and a 1 year warranty to treat at a rate of 100” per hour per square foot. The 20 square feet of Focal Point was installed along the road edge in a currently eroding ditch.

In a matter of 6 hours of work, the Focal Point system was installed with 3 personnel from MoDOT and 2 people from ASP Enterprises. As this was a demonstration project, it was not contracted out. When completed, there was concern for a major storm to hit that evening so the system was enclosed in fabric and all water would then bypass over the emergency drainage swale. That evening, the location received a 1” rain event in a matter of 2 hours and the Focal Point system remained unharmed. That next day, the system was opened up and commissioned for use. MoDOT was pleased with the relative ease of installation and has a future project already designed for the September letting.

Project: Route 63 MoDOT Exit Ramp
Location: Columbia, MO
Application/Solution: Water Quality Treatment using Focal Point
Market Sector: Stormwater Quality Control
Salesperson: Todd Noble
Owner: Missouri Deptarment of Transportation
Engineer: Missouri Department of Transportation
Installed: July 7, 2014