Composite Solutions

In many situations a combination of products to create a composite solution is the most cost-effective answer. We bring a unique perspective to this as we can combine multiple manufacturers into a single solution. The list below will be an evolving list of composite Solutions:

composite solutions

Right after construction

1st growing season

3rd growing season

Vegetated Reinforced Soil Slopes - VRSS

Here we combine high strength, UV Stabilized Geogrids with toe protection, erosion control materials, and plant options to form a very effective erosion control solution whether in a creek environment or just a steepened slope.
Vegetated Reinforced Soil Slope Technical Guide


Geoweb/Gabion Vegetative Walls

Here we have combined PVC Coated Twisted Wire Gabion Baskets with Presto Geosystems Earth Retaining Structure and plant material to create an alternative vegetated retaining structure. All the components are critical to the success of the project.
Geoweb/Gabion Vegetated Wall Technical Guide

Temporary Wire Facing Wall

This application is a great way to temporarily raise an elevation in one area and have a safe scenario below it for construction purposes. We can work within a variety of parameters so it is best to contact one of our technical sales staff to assist you in getting the desired results.