Lake Edge Treatment

Shorelines can present far-reaching erosion-control challenges. Considering variable flow conditions and shoreline shear stresses, as well as the effects of flooding, runoff, topography, and the need to protect water quality and aquatic and wildlife habitats is necessary to choose the correct product. There are also issues of aesthetics, and, of course, budgets. We bring several Lake Edge Treatment alternatives to the design board for your consideration:

Soft Armor Lake Edge Treatment

Turf Reinforcement Mats

The use of TRMs on shorelines can be a very cost effective solution for long term protection. Typically this solution is best suited when a consistent water elevation is established.





North American Green Shoreline Detail







Transition Mats

Because of their capability to handle stronger hydraulic conditions, Scourstop Transition Mats often provide a vegetated lake edge treatment solution. please contact your local representative to ensure optimal design.


Geoweb Shoreline Protection

The Presto Geosystems Geoweb Cellular Confinement system confines and reinforces the upper soil layer, providing resistance to erosive conditions and sliding forces. The Geoweb system provides long-term stability of sustainable vegetation, permeable aggregate and/or hard-armored concrete. Complimentary design solution available from Presto.




Hard Armor Lake Edge Treatment

Hard armors provide solutions in lakes with high variability in water height or the potential for high wave action. In situations where you need the really strong solutions, we still have alternatives to large rock rip rap. The advantages are significant:

  • Many still have vegetated options to allow for increased green space
  • All are contiguous systems. They will not unravel as all materials are interlocked or interwoven.
  • All are simple to install and require less trucking than traditional large rip rap

Hard Armor Solutions include:





Submar Articulating Concrete Revetment Mats

Hydrotex Grout Filled Geotextile Revetments

Terra Aqua Twisted Wire Gabions and Mattresses