Erosion Control for Slopes

From mild grades to very steep slopes, we have a wide range of erosion control solutions.

They fall into these specific categories:

Hydraulically Applied Solutions (HAS)-Efficiency describes the HAS. Utilizing hydroseeding equipment to apply erosion control, this solution can be done very quickly and economically.


Types of Hydraulically Applied Solutions

4 1 slope.pvgaPaper and Wood Hydraulic Mulches-hydraulic mulches provide superior moisture retention, and short term erosion control over blown straw. Mulches are usually effective for one or two rain events. Simply apply with seed for effective vegetation management on 4:1 or flatter slopes.

3 to 1 slope finalBonded Fiber Matrix (BFM)-A stronger alternative to hydraulic mulches, BFMs can handle several storm events and can encapsulate the soil for a longer duration-usually 6-9 months.


2 1 slope finalStabilized Fiber Matrix (SFM)-Through the effectiveness of polyacrylamides, SFMs molecularly bind the soil particles together. This offers rainfall impact control from wood mulch while keeping the soil in place with long chain molecular chemistry.


1 1 slope finalFlexible Growth Mediums (FGM)-Flexterra-a true spray on alternative to the erosion control blanket. By far the strongest and most effective hydraulically applied solution, Flexterra can effectively seal off the soil from rainfall impact and mild concentrated flows resulting in less soil loss than many blankets in rainfall simulation tests. Its ability to hold water and maintain air space results in superior growth as documented in independent testing.

slopes erosion control

3 weeks later-fully vegetated

3 weeks later-fully vegetated
slopes erosion control

Before Flexterra was applied

Before Flexterra was applied

Erosion Control Design Software



Rolled Erosion Control Blankets

Erosion Control Blankets have been around a long time and are the tried and true solution. Millions of square yards of ECBs have been utilized in the Midwest and without the need for special equipment. Installation can be done in a short time frame and outlasts any hydraulically applied solution.

Degradable Erosion Control Blankets-Photo degradable and biodegradable erosion control blankets are designed to provide immediate erosion protection and vegetation establishment assistance, then degrade after the root and stem systems of the vegetation are mature enough to permanently stabilize the underlying soil.


NAG Temp Application Guide

North American Green ECMDS Software Link


slopes erosion controlPermanent Turf Reinforcement Mats

Permanent TRMs and Composite TRMs provide long-term erosion protection and vegetation establishment assistance while permanently reinforcing vegetation. All ASP permanent protection products—including our Vmax3® Composite Reinforcement Series—enable vegetation to be used on slopes where the forces exerted on long and steep slopes that vegetation by itself, cannot withstand. Permanent TRMs consist of either 100% synthetic components or of a composite of synthetic and natural materials. These products have been tested and proven to dramatically increase erosion protection of steep slopes.


North American Green TRM Product Application Guide
North American Green TRM Designers Application Guide

Geoweb® Slope Protection System
slopes erosion control

Stabilize soils on embankments to prevent severe erosion caused by surface runoff. Protect geomembranes on landfills, stormwater or wastewater containment basins.

Presto's Geoweb® Slope Protection System is a proven solution for challenging slope stability problems. The Geoweb system is the original cellular confinement system, an ideal long-term solution for:

  • Sustainable vegetation
  • Permeable aggregate
  • Hard-armored concrete

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